PTP has broad experience in applying expression analysis in large-scale international projects, targeting a wide range of species: from plants to animals (including human tissues) to micro-organisms.

Based on Illumina technology, the PTP transcriptomics services include:

  •  Whole-transcriptome sequencing (RNA-Seq): deep sequencing of mRNAto support a variety of applications including: detection of rare transcripts, alternative start site use, transcript splice variants,and the analysis of differential expression.

  • Novel and long non-coding transcriptome sequencing: depletion of cytoplasmic and mitochondrial rRNA and strand-oriented sequencing.

  • Small RNA Sequencing: small RNA analyses to determine of expression levels of known miRNAs and discovery of novel miRNAs.



Primary data quality control, alignment with a reference genome for the calculation of expression values and differential expression analyses.



  • Novel gene and isoform identification.
  • Transcriptome assembly with or without a reference genome, calculation of expression values, ORF prediction, protein coding and non-coding gene annotation.
  • miRNA target identification.
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