PTP is leading data production and data analysis for large-scale metagenomics projects, contributing to the development of an ever-expanding collection of new approaches and methodologies.
Metagenome analysis requires a multi-disciplinary approach which includes: high quality sequence generation, advanced solutions for assembly and data mining.

  • Metabarcoding Sequencing: investigation of microbial communities in a variety of sample types (e.g. soil, water, feed, gut flora, rumen) by amplicon sequencing using hypervariable genomic regions such as 16S , 18S, ITS.

  • Metagenomics Sequencing: custom library preparation, whole¬†metagenome or metatranscriptome shotgun sequencing.




Metabarcoding analysis: primary data quality control, sequence clustering, taxonomic assignment and differential frequency analysis of the microbial species identified.



Metagenomics analysis: metagenome assembly, taxonomic assignment, ORF prediction and annotation.


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