The PTP GenHome facility integrates sample handling robots and genome analyses using ABI and Illumina next generation sequencing (NGS) technology, with bioinformatics and statistical expertise. GenHome takes your project from a concept to a high quality end point, ready for publication. The GenHome facility offers a wide range of expertise and services which are linked with research activities, to ensure that techniques are constantly updated.

Cutting edge services include:

  • Whole Genome Re-Sequencing: Whole genome re-sequencing for detection of SNPs, InDels, structural variations, chromosomal re-arrangements and copy number variations.

  • Targeted Resequencing: Targeted deep re-sequencing of specific genomic regions for large numbers of samples e.g. for variant discovery and identification of regulatory elements.

  • EXOME Sequencing: Re-sequencing of coding regions for variant discovery.

  • Small Genome de-novo Sequencing: High coverage sequencing for de novo assembly; custom library preparation of long insert (2-15 Kb) size libraries.

  • Epigenetics: bisulphite treatment or chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) coupled with next generation sequencing for the study of DNA modification and DNA-protein interaction, to investigate epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation and gene interaction pathways.

  • Bioinformatics: primary data quality control, alignment with a reference genome, SNP and InDel identification.

PTP is both leader and partner in a large portfolio of international research projects focused on genome analysis and assembly, and is the sequencing and bioinformatics provider in EU projects for large-scale livestock and plant genome analyses. HQ variation identification and dbSNP annotation, linking newvariations to existing gene annotation, prediction of the functional effect of variations in annotated genes. Methylation sites identification, generation of methylation profiles, and genome-wide analyses of methylation sites in relation to annotated genes.

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