Flow cytometry (FACS)

The PTP Flow Cytometry Facility provides state-of-the-art flow cytometry and cell sorting services on BD FACSAria™ III equipment using FACSDiva™ 7 software. The instrument is configured with three lasers (blue, red and violet) to facilitate the detection of up to 14 fluorochromes. The Flow Cytometry Facility has a fully equipped cell culture laboratory for cell isolation, growth and manipulation.

The high performance instrument and expert staff offer a wide range of applications, including multi-colour cell immunophenotyping, analyses of the cell cycle, intracellular signaling, cytokine production, gene reporter assays, gene expression analysis and high quality cell sorting, including rare cell populations. The on-going programme of research and innovation means that new applications are continuously being added.

Current applications include:

  • Characterisation of the immune-response in model and livestock species

  • Detection of activated cell responses

  • Characterization and isolation of cells based on:

    Cellular function
    Gene expression
    Protein expression

  • Screening for enzymatic activity

  • Selecting antibody variants

  • Screening for over-producing cells

These services are offered for cells from body fluids or solid tissues, using dissociation protocols, and for cell lines.

We guide customers through the design of protocols to achieve high quality results. Much of the variability in data, and thus poor results, is due to logistical problems in project design and data collection, or sample storage and shipping. We will help customers through these steps so that they are able to obtain the quality of data necessary to drive decisions and achieve project milestones.


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