Bioinformatics and Statistics

The Bioinformatics and Statistics team at PTP interacts constantly with leading companies and with academic organisations in the field of sequencing and genotyping, to develop statistical methodologies and software tools for new and improved applications. Using cutting-edge hardware platforms, the Bioinformatics and Statistics team is able to address the most computationally demanding problems. The team has provided key components for important bioinformatics open source projects, contributing to the development of new software for biological data analysis.

Services offered include project design, data management solutions, customised analysis methodology, novel analysis pipelines and detailed result reports.

  • Custom pipelines design to handle non-standard analyses needs.

  • Software and database design to fulfil specific requirements of customers for more complex data analyses.

  • Statistically robust experimental design, power calculations and the assessment of success probabilities.

  • Development of advanced statistical analyses tailored on projects needs.


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