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GenHome is launching a call for “Guest collaborative projects”

GenHome is a dynamic “Genome Research Resort” with a fully integrated structure for delivering research projects to investigate genome and epigenome structure and function. GenHome has an “Open Door” policy, welcoming external scientists to work within the facility alongside staff scientists.

Guest collaborative projects

Genhome is inviting proposals for “Guest collaborative projects” which are intended to build collaborations between GenHome and other research groups.

GenHome, provides a stimulating environment with access to cutting edge facilities to create new knowledge and promote intellectual interaction. Genhome will welcome researchers from collaborating organizations from all over the world to visit and spend time working with our scientists. To stimulate this interaction GenHome is able to provide funding to visiting researchers to carry out “Guest Projects” with different levels of financial support, depending on the relevance to the GenHome core activities and the level of innovation of the projects as judged by a selection committee.

Proposals are innvited for three types of “guest collaborative projects”:

“Gold” collaborative projects
Gold collaborative projects will have full access to GenHome staff and resources to process samples for data production and analysis.  The project will also cover costs of materials up to a value of € 50K, and in addition, aneconomy return ticket to visit the Genhome facility and accommodation costs of guest scientists for up to 30 days to work in the GenHome resort.

“Silver” collaborative projects
Silver collaborative projects have full access to GenHome staff and resources to process samples for data production and analysis.  The project will cover costs of reagents up to a value of € 25K. Guest scientists can visit the GenHome facilty at their own expense.

“Bronze” collaborative projects
Bronze collaborative projects will be carried out at the marginal cost of the project. Guest scientists can visit the GenHome facilty, at their own expense and have access to GenHome staff, who will provide technical suport to carry out data production and assist with data analysis. The visiting scientist will be expected to provide funding for the reagents and kits used and their own costs while visiting the facility.

Closing date call
The call of proposal is now open, with a deadline for submission 17.00 CET April 15th 2014.

Topics of the proposals
Cutting edge proposals addressing the biology of reproduction and development of livestock and using the latest genomic, epigenomic and transcriptomic approaches will have priority. However excellent proposals related to other aspects of mammalian biology will also be considered for support.

Submission of proposal and deadline
Proposals should be be submitted online using the form avaliable at the GenHome website (http://www.genhome.eu/our-offers/dream-project) before 5:00 P.M. Central Europe Time, April 15th , 2014. Information requested will be:

1)      Proposal Summary (150 words)

2)     Introduction and state of the art (250 words)

3)     Experimental plan (250 words)

4)     Impact and progress beyond the state of the art (200 words)

5)     Motivation for the collaboration with GenHome (50 words)

6)     A CV of the proponent

Review process
Proposals will be evaluated by a qualified reviewer panel and applicants will be notified if they may be eligible for Gold, Silver or Bronze project funding.  Funding for elegible projects will be dependent on the successful negotiation of a project contract which will depend on the availability of samples to carry out the proposed work, a timetable, a detailed project costing and proof that funds not provided by GenHome are available. The list of funded projects (title and public abstract) will be posted on GenHome website.

Enquiries and contacts
For enquiries visit the FAQ section of the GenHome website or contact raffaele.mazza@tecnoparco.org

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