Genome science has now moved beyond the simple association of genetic variations with disease traits and phenotypes, and is entering another phase of discovery. To be able to quickly and effectively adapt animal production to satisfy new markets, the understanding of how genetic and epigenetic variation is influenced by the environment in the control of phenotypes is needed.

Laboratories - BIGThis paradigm shift has only become possible in the post genome era and with the rapid advances in technology. GenHome will use these new technologies to explore the regulation of cellular function and hence the phenotype of the individual.


Our Mission

Cluster - SMALL

GenHome is a Parco Tecnologico Padano and CNR initiative and is built on the infrastructure of the Lodi Science Cluster, where there are already University departments, CNR, CRA, and Istituto Zooprofilattico laboratories, private research institutes and SMEs working on genomics in the field of livestock production and improvement.  GenHome is a dynamic “Genome Research Resort” with a fully integrated structure for delivering research projects, including investigating genome and epigenome structure and function, data analyses and developing applications.

GenHome can address research needs with confidential full “design to interpretation” commercial service.

GenHome also adopts an “Open Door” policy by welcoming external scientists to work within the facilities alongside staff scientists.